Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Running unit tests under gdb: Part II

In part one I described a script which could be used to easily run unit tests under gdb. In describing the script I wrote:

It's not ideal — it corrupts quoting of its arguments and arbitrarily limits the number of arguments but it does work.

I am indebted to a loyal reader for pointing out the rather obvious --args gdb parameter. I'm not really sure how I'd missed it. This makes fixing the script to remove those flaws trivial. If you're running only one test that you know is going to fail then it may be sufficient to just use RUN_TEST="gdb --args". However, if the problem is intermittent or you're running a whole gaggle of tests then the fixed script is still useful.

This version of the script also ensures that the temporary commands file is cleaned up too.

cmds=`tempfile -p rug`
: > $cmds
echo 'run' >> $cmds
echo 'if $_exitcode == 0' >> $cmds
echo ' quit' >> $cmds
echo 'end' >> $cmds
trap 'if [ -n "$cmds" ]; then rm -f "$cmds" ;exit 1; fi' SIGINT SIGHUP SIGTERM ERR

if gdb --return-child-result --quiet -x $cmds --args "$@"; then
rm -f $cmds
rm -f $cmds
exit $result

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